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Ready to have your expertise truly heard by the masses and fast-track the growth of your brand, business, and profits?

The #1 way for CEOs, thought leaders, authors, and experts to become go-to authorities in their field is through media exposure.

The problem with that is — there’s a lot of competition out there. And most media outlets already have a long list of experts to rely on again and again.

So how do you get your foot in the door?

And, more importantly, once you get that opportunity — how do you make sure you NAIL it so you become their new go-to expert and be invited back again and again.

That’s what The Green Room helps you unlock.

Become a Go-To Media Expert

 Who is this for?

Executives  •  Thought Leaders  •  Experts  •  Authors

Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Experts, Financial Experts, and More

Hi, I’m Lynn.

After being a news anchor for over 15 years with experience at the TODAY Show, NBC News, and CNN, I know exactly how to get you career-changing media appearances and help you crush every performance so that you’re invited back again and again.

And I can tell you, a lot more goes into landing than just having ‘good talking points.

From overcoming the fear of being on camera so that you speak with authority and confidence to overcoming imposter syndrome so that the delivery of your pitches is powerful every time and invokes exactly what you want.

I have sat in the chair of an anchor for years and have since helped numerous people prepare for and achieve the level of exposure their expertise deserves.

My method has earned 100% of my client’s media appearances on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, and so much more. And I’ve packed everything you need in order to do the same within this single coaching program.

“Lynn's training is invaluable and teaches you to play in the major leagues of media."

“Although I had done a lot of video and TV prior to meeting Lynn, I had no experience at the macro level of major national media. I was SO impressed with what I was learning in the Green Room that I finished her 6 week course in 4 days! I binged it into the wee hours of the morning, like Netflix, and just couldn't get enough. Making my first appearance after Lynn's training, I could see immediately how I seriously benefited from it. She trains you for any possible scenario and helps you feel confident. She helped me bring my A-game to major TV, despite the nerves, and position me as a reputable voice in the political arena. Thanks, a million times, Lynn!”

-Diane Canada
Founder of the Lady Up America APP

“I highly recommend working with Lynn because she will be your biggest cheerleader!!"

Lynn’s program covers every area to help you prep for any type of media appearance and to gain visibility. Because of her authenticity and transparent persona, she genuinely finds where and what you are confident in, and brings that out of you in such an organic way!
I’m a talker at heart so Lynn helped me with talking in soundbites. Organizing my thoughts in my mind first, helped with my delivery when communicating across both TV media & social media outlets. Lynn’s intuition is always spot on and she has taught me more about myself than I ever would have thought.”

Jill Charton
Celebrity & Personal Trainer  iFour.Life

Over the course of 6 sessions, you will…


✔️ Craft your unique story so each media appearance turns into a flood of new clients and customers WITHOUT having to spend money on ads.

✔️ Overcome any fears of being on camera so that you perform with confidence and allow your true self to come through the lens.

✔️ Hear from a seasoned TV News Booker and TV news insiders about what they look for in a pitch when booking guests, so you have a smooth and successful first pitch.

✔️ Master the perfect pitch so you are the chosen expert for top media outlets, giving you major exposure.

It’s time to go from best-kept secret in your field to widely known expert.


Lynn Smith is the Head of which connects experts

to the top 100 newsrooms in the country.


Once you are media trained, Lynn will get on a 1-hour coaching call for mock interviews and get you ready to be booked on outlets like Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, USA Today, and so many more. This is what makes the Green Room different than other media training programs. Lynn has the ability to immediately get you earned media placements to explode your brand and enhance your SEO.

What We’ll Do and What You’ll Get:

 You will walk away with 15 years of media expertise in just 6 sessions, plus tens of thousands of dollars worth of resources, knowledge, and experience: 

📌 Pre-recorded online video training sessions with previous Green Room members and taught by me!

📌 Resources to take your media training and turn it into social media GOLD plus content for your newsletters and email list.

📌 Insider information on how to elevate your message and brand.

📌 Pitch templates, cheatsheets for various news outlets, and roadmaps for crushing your media appearances so you can be heard, get your time back, and explode your business.

📌 Exclusive insights from expert anchors and bookers to help you understand what TV news shows REALLY look for in a great guest.

📌 A detailed checklist on exactly what to do once you’re booked so nothing is missed and the entire process is a breeze.


PLUS… You will also receive these FREE bonuses:

📌 Copy of my e-book: “Confidence Quotient: Increase your self-confidence and decrease your self-doubt holding you back.”

📌 In-depth PDF packet for exercises and cheat sheets that will support your growth to becoming the go-to expert.

📌 AND, everyone who joins for the one-time payment of $2,500, will also receive: Full access to my Crush It on Video online course. Discover how to be great on video to generate leads, sales, and more profit for your brand and business – as FAST as 3-2-1!

Nearly $500 in bonuses for FREE!

Become a Go-To Media Expert

Join today for just $2,500 Full Payment


Best Value!

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Join today for just 3 payments of $850!


3 monthly payments

Enroll In The Green Room Now!

These are some of our success stories. Our method has resulted in 100% Placement Rate of our clients in the media!

“I can't say enough good things about The Green Room with Lynn!”

“It was a big decision and investment but so well worth it! Within the first week, Lynn had me on TV feeling totally confident. Her approach is direct, easy to understand, and executable. Lynn gives you everything you need to know, from how to show up as the expert that you are to how to land media appearances too. She is truly gifted in her technique, but her genuine compassion takes it to the next level!”

Angie Wisdom
Life and Business Coach

“The Green Room provided me the insights and tools to transform my public speaking engagements."

“They went from just okay, to impactful and memorable. Viewers now immediately recognize my deep subject matter expertise and authority through my natural and authentic voice and presence - two specific elements Lynn and the Green Room helped me expose and refine. ”

-Juliana Vida
Chief Strategy Advisor, Rosati Group

The program is broken into 6 sessions of online video training:

Module 1

Proven method to overcome weakness and fears to be UNSTOPPABLE on camera.

Module 2

Learn the formula of a stellar soundbite that will turn you into a world-class communicator.

Module 3

Discover what makes an irresistible pitch that will get you in the door and invited back again and again.

Module 4

Meet a TV News insider who will spill all the secrets of what they need you to do to get invited on the program. 

Module 5

Learn all the tips and tricks to a professional at-home set for virtual appearances and my TV News ready appearance guide to look the part.

Module 6

Meet a TV News Booker aka the decision maker for who comes on the show. They will tell you all you need to know to get their attention.

Become a Go-To Media Expert

“Book Lynn as a coach right now (like RIGHT NOW) if you want to go to the next level! ”

“What can I say about Lynn Smith other than she is the absolute best? I have worked with Lynn for the past year+ and I am astounded by her ability to help you find and center on your true purpose. I have called Lynn five minutes before a television interview just so I can hear her say “you got this!”. She has opened doors for me that I didn’t think were possible! Thank you for everything, Lynn!”

-Jason Greer, Labor and Diversity Expert
CEO and Founder of Greer Consulting

“Lynn is honest, fun, and super talented.”

“Before working with Lynn, I struggled with my energy on camera, talking in soundbites, and understanding what makes a GREAT pitch.  It was an excellent experience and I improved on all of the above. I also got a better understanding of how to drive my desired outcome.”

-Mark Scribner
Managing Director, Private CFO, oXYGen Financial

Client Results simply speak for themselves!

“Working with Lynn has been a game changer.”

“When I started her course I did not think I had a voice, an audience or a format to even get started in news television. Her programmatic approach gave me the confidence and a format to execute like a seasoned professional in my appearances. I was booked right away and I’m getting regular news coverage.

Being on the news as an expert in my field has had a major impact on my business helping me raise capital, close more deals, and pick up clients.

Lynn is smart, sweet, and a blast to work with!”

-Jarrod Guy Randolph, America’s Real Estate Expert

“Lynn is absolutely Amazing!”

“After months of searching for a Media Trainer and filtering through so called “Experts”, I was referred to her by a good friend.
I knew after our first conversation she was the the right fit for me. She helped me with my confience on camera, setting up a professional home studio and
She also had me booked on a News Outlet within our first week of working together. If you are looking to become a “Go-To” Expert or looking to build authority in your market … Just Stop and Sign up right NOW!! You will not be disappointed. ”

-Matt Meehan, host of The Liquid Lunch Podcast and Founder/CEO of Shield Advisory Group

“Lynn delivers!”

“She has a great eye for how to position your message at the right time for the right audience.She is patient and committed to her craft. She is a joy to work with and I’m so excited for all the amazing impact we will have together.”

-Melissa Simkins, Founder The She Suite




“The Green Room has been transformational for me and my business.”

“Before working with Lynn, I had never been on TV but wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with the masses. Not only did she give me everything I needed to be good on TV but she opened the doors for my first booking. They now are front and center of my website and have led to more clients and business! Highly recommend it!”

-Dr. Lisa Palmer, Artificial Intelligence Strategist

It’s not just a matter of getting on TV. It’s a matter of being GOOD on TV.”

And by the end of 6 weeks, you get on a LIVE call with me for a Mock Interview to get you fully ready for your Media Appearances. We offer booking services! (Additional Fee)

Don't delay! Get started today!

Become a Go-To Media Expert

“I would highly recommend Lynn for media training. She’s the best.”

“Before working with Lynn, I was clueless about crafting sound bites and delivering my message clearly and concisely.”


Kym Ali MSN, RN
Founder of Kym Ali Consulting Firm

“I attribute my win 100% to Lynn’s program.”

“She taught me how to speak in soundbites, and how to pitch myself to the right audience. She also taught me how to uplevel my on camera presence, and I also won the Facebook Changemaker Award. Thank you, Lynn!”

-Kimber Hill, Founder of Virtforce

Join today for one-time payment of $2,500


Best Value!

Enroll In The Green Room Now!

Join today for just 3 payments of $850!


3 monthly payments

Enroll In The Green Room Now!