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I will take you from a "best kept secret" to a "go-to" media expert or world-class communicator to gain credibility and PROFIT!


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Crush it on Video

A comprehensive course designed to help you unleash your edge…

• on zoom calls
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Confidence Quotient

How do we overcome those fears to take it to the next level? Confidence Quotient or CQ are proven techniques to increase your self-confidence and decrease the self-doubt holding you back. 

Become a Go-To Media Expert in 6 Weeks!

You will go from fearful to fantastic on camera.

This is an immersive coaching program designed to take you from thought leader to media expert and the opportunity to land a NATIONAL TV NEWS APPEARANCE.


As a former news anchor with over 15 years of experience working at the TODAY Show, NBC News, and CNN, I know what makes a great TV News Appearance. 

I also know the secret sauce for perfecting your pitch and then NAILING it on camera so that you’re invited back as the go-to media expert again and again. 

I’ve trained tons of individuals — like you! — on how to do this, and have helped every single one of them get media appearances on news programs like CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, and more. 

Are you ready to share your expertise with a bigger audience to create the impact that only you can?
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"The Green Room has been transformational for me and my business. "

“Before working with Lynn, I had never been on TV but wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with the masses.  Not only did she give me everything I needed to be good on TV but she opened the doors for my first booking.  They now are front and center on my website and have led to more clients and business!  Highly recommend it!”

-Dr. Lisa Palmer
Artificial Intelligence Strategist

“Lynn's training is invaluable and teaches you to play in the major leagues of media."

“Although I had done a lot of video and TV prior to meeting Lynn, I had no experience at the macro level of major national media. I was SO impressed with what I was learning in the Green Room that I finished her 6 week course in 4 days! I binged it into the wee hours of the morning, like Netflix, and just couldn't get enough. Making my first appearance after Lynn's training, I could see immediately how I seriously benefited from it. She trains you for any possible scenario and helps you feel confident. She helped me bring my A-game to major TV, despite the nerves, and position me as a reputable voice in the political arena. Thanks, a million times, Lynn! “

Diane Canada
Founder of the Lady Up America APP

"The Green Room provided me the insights and tools to transform my public speaking engagements."

“They went from just okay, to impactful and memorable. Viewers now immediately recognize my deep subject matter expertise and authority through my natural and authentic voice and presence - two specific elements Lynn and the Green Room helped me expose and refine. 

-Juliana Vida
Chief Strategy Advisor, Rosati Group 

"Accessing media training with Lynn and the entire TMX Team has been a game changer for me and my business."

“It's boosted my self-confidence to share my purpose even more, it's leveled up my content visibility, enhanced my communication style and increased my social media engagement. Receiving the media certification and being featured in digital publications not only boosted my brand awareness, it solidified my credibility as business and domestic violence expert to not only business women, and validated my position as a go-to national media expert to a wider audience I ordinarily wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise.”

-Gwendolen Wilder
Impossible to Possible Women

“Working with Lynn has been a game changer. ”

“When I started her course I did not think I had a voice, an audience or a format to even get started in news television. Her programmatic approach gave me the confidence and a format to execute like a seasoned professional in my appearances. I was booked right away and I’m getting regular news coverage.

Being on the news as an expert in my field has had a major impact on my business helping me raise capital, close more deals, and pick up clients. Lynn is smart, sweet, and a blast to work with! 

Jarrod Guy Randolph
America’s Real Estate Expert

"Lynn is absolutely Amazing!"

“After months of searching for a Media Trainer and filtering through so called “Experts”, I was referred to her by a good friend. I knew after our first conversation she was the the right fit for me. She helped me with my confidence on camera, setting up a professional home studio, and she also had me booked on a news outlet within our first week of working together.

If you are looking to become a “Go-To” Expert or looking to build authority in your market… Just Stop and Sign up right NOW!! You will not be disappointed.”

-Matt Meehan
 Founder/CEO of Shield Advisory Group