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Alice Benjamin

Alice Benjamin is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She's A TV Medical Correspondent for NBC 4 in Los Angeles and has appeared on numerous national shows and networks including GMA3, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, CNN, HLN, FOX News, News Nation, TVOne, BBC, and KTLA Morning News.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith is a National Media Expert and Former News Anchor for NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, and was a Producer at The TODAY Show. She is a Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author, and host of “StrollerCoaster,” a parenting podcast. 

Whether it's nailing TV appearances, commanding Zoom meetings, delivering compelling speeches, or crushing any public speaking situation, Lynn's media training courses have got you covered. 

Discover how to be great on video to generate leads, sales, and more profit for your brand and business – as FAST as 3-2-1!

Video and virtual communications are essential to success. Without being able to crush it on video you more likely will be crushed by the competition. 

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Become a Go-To Media Expert. You will go from fearful to fantastic on camera in as little as 6 weeks!

This is a self-paced immersive coaching program designed to take you from thought leader to media expert and the opportunity to land a NATIONAL TV NEWS APPEARANCE.

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Top influencers, brand creators, c-suite executives, business leaders, and health advocates are using these “7 secrets” to become great on their zoom calls, virtual events, sales and investor calls, town halls, and media appearances to have a greater impact and make more money… 

And starting today you can too by learning from Lynn Smith, National Media Expert and anchor alum from NBC NEWS, MSNBC, THE TODAY SHOW, and CNN HEADLINE NEWS.

Ready to have your expertise truly heard by the masses and fast-track the growth of your brand, business, and profits?

The #1 way for CEOs, thought leaders, authors, and experts to become go-to authorities in their field is through media exposure. The problem with that is — there’s a lot of competition out there. So how do you get your foot in the door? And, more importantly, once you get that opportunity — how do you make sure you NAIL it so you become their new go-to expert and be invited back again and again.

That’s what The Green Room helps you unlock.


Crush it on Video


  • 45 minutes of video training broken into easy steps to master video (value $397)
  • 3 interactive exercises and shopping guides to level up your appearance on video (value $197)
  • 3 FREE bonuses including watch Lynn dress a client’s at-home set (value $56)
  • PLUS, media exposure = social media GOLD. This shows you how to turn any appearances into you’re greatest commodity… CONTENT (value $500)


Total value $1150
Price $397  Special Offer $150

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The Green Room

  • Six modules of online video training taught by Lynn Smith, National Media Expert and News Anchor Alum, which includes recorded live group coaching sessions with previous Green Room members.
  • Resources to take your media training and turn it into social media gold and content for your newsletters and email list.
  • Insider information on how to elevate your message and elevate your brand.
  • Pitch templates, cheatsheets for various news outlets, and roadmaps to crushing your media appearances so you can be heard, get your time back, and explode your business.
  • Expert guests from anchors to bookers to understand what TV news shows are REALLY looking for in a great guest.
  • Complete tech checklist and what to do once you’re booked.
  • BONUS 60-minute one-on-one recap with Lynn Smith for mock interviews and an ‘ask her anything’ session after you complete the program.

Price $2,500  Special Offer $1,997

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When you enroll in The Green Room, you get the Crush it on Video Course FREE!

Act now! Limited time left to enroll and transform your public speaking skills.

Unlock My Bonus!

I have worked with Lynn Smith on TV and know the quality of her work. Now you can benefit from learning the same tips and techniques she teaches to media train her private coaching clients.

Without knowing how to deliver your message on video, you could hinder your efforts to advocate and share your knowledge with the masses.

How to make sure you are presenting yourself and your expertise in a succinct manner that will resonate with a broad audience? How do you get people to love seeing you on the screen?

Sell it into the CAMERA.

That’s not a natural thing for most people and it’s no longer acceptable to slack off in presenting your best self on your zoom call. The new reality is a hybrid of on-camera virtual interviews and in-person interactions.

Unlock the power of video to champion causes, transform frustration into action, and inspire change in your community and beyond.

Past Students Say...

“Lynn Smith manages to nail all the essential tips for personal presentation with her “Crush it on Video” course!”

From tips on communicating clearly to your audiences, to making the most of your messaging to presenting yourself and your space in a way that will resonate with viewers, Lynn teaches how to come across as a polished, poised expert. This course is incredibly valuable for anyone looking to up their game and improve their presentation skills. I love that she covers the bigger topics around communicating effectively, but also reminds us not to forget the little details that can make or break an impression. I’m convinced every executive needs this course!

-Kristin Cowart
Founder/CEO of BRAVE Public Relations

“If you’re wanting to learn how to immediately up your video game, look no further than Lynn’s ‘Crush It On Video’ training!”

Now that my work-life is played out on Zoom, I recognize the importance of having a professional-looking background, audio that doesn’t sound like you’re in an echo chamber, and dressing in a way that’s not overly distracting to my ‘audience’. Lynn is articulate and to the point with her teachings in addition to providing professional tips throughout.

-Darren Kanthal
Executive Leadership Coach

“I can't say enough good things about The Green Room with Lynn!”

It was a big decision and investment but so well worth it! Within the first week, Lynn had me on TV feeling totally confident. Her approach is direct, easy to understand, and executable. Lynn gives you everything you need to know, from how to show up as the expert that you are to how to land media appearances too. She is truly gifted in her technique, but her genuine compassion takes it to the next level!

–Angie Wisdom, Life and Business Coach angiewisdom.com

“The Green Room provided me the insights and tools to transform my public speaking engagements."

They went from just okay, to impactful and memorable. Viewers now immediately recognize my deep subject matter expertise and authority through my natural and authentic voice and presence - two specific elements Lynn and the Green Room helped me expose and refine.

-Juliana Vida, Chief Strategy Advisor, Rosati Group

More About Course Developer Lynn Smith

When I first started on-camera, I was told by a news director I was so bad I wouldn’t make it to a top 10 market for at least 10 years. Two years later, I was anchoring in the #1 market in the country: NBC New York.

That turned into a 15-year career as an anchor on NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, and as a producer at the TODAY show!

What did I learn? It SUCKS to not feel confident on camera and even worse is having someone tell you how bad you are.

But it’s possible to be great, not just for TV appearances, but because these same principles apply to your Zoom calls, virtual events, social media videos, and any on-camera appearances.

And that’s precisely why I teach these critical skills (which can 100% be learned).

Business has changed FOREVER.  We are communicating through the lens to create the good we each put out into the world.

When you gain these skills, you’ll build a shorter bridge to have your customers know, like, and TRUST you, which leads to bigger profits, in less time.

You have 5 seconds to get someone to like you and 30 seconds to get someone to TRUST you. I’m here to show you how to accomplish that and see big results!

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